[M134 Piper] Contrat signé entre Piper et Classic Army

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[M134 Piper] Contrat signé entre Piper et Classic Army

Message par coolhand le Jeu 02 Oct 2008, 10:39

Trouvé sur le forum Arnie's :

Spartan Imports a écrit:

Wapak, Ohio, Sep. 29 – Piper’s Precision Products announced today that they have entered into an exclusive agreement with Classic Army to produce Piper’s innovative Airsoft M134 Minigun. Piper’s has granted Classic Army the exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute worldwide the Airsoft M134 Minigun using Piper’s design. The Piper’s Airsoft M134 Minigun will be offered in two complete packages, the backpack “Predator” version and the vehicle mounted “Blackhawk” version.

Piper’s Precision Products is the globally acknowledged innovator and leader in rotary, multi-barreled BB guns. Piper’s products are highly sought after by collectors, their functional reliability, and sheer enjoyment value. The Airsoft M134 Minigun is the culmination of years of research and is the finest BB minigun ever made. Using a combination of rechargeable battery power and bottled CO2, the Airsoft M134 Minigun is capable of rates of fire exceeding 70 rounds per second at velocities of up to 450 feet per second using 6 mm 0.2 gram plastic BBs. Almost every component of the Airsoft M134 Minigun is precision machined and designed to perform flawlessly under the toughest conditions.

Paul Piper, the owner of Piper’s Precision Products, owns the utility patent for any rotary, multi-barreled BB gun. Paul has designed and produced numerous types of multi-barreled BB guns, and acknowledges that the Airsoft M134 Minigun is his finest work to date. Piper’s is also the designer and manufacturer of the Strafer Mk IV, a law enforcement non-lethal application BB gun.

Classic Army is global brand leader in premium Airsoft guns. Paul Piper selected Classic Army to produce his minigun design due to Classic Army’s acknowledged reputation as a quality manufacturer and global distributor of high end Airsoft products.

As Paul stated, “Between my tested Minigun design and specifications, and Classic Army’s manufacturing and distribution capabilities, I feel we can offer the discriminating Airsoft hobbyist and collector the finest Minigun replica ever made at a very attractive price.”

The first production Airsoft M134 Miniguns are expected to be released in the first half of 2009.

Spartan Imports will be the exclusive distributor of the Piper’s Airsoft M134 Minigun in the United States.
Source: Spartan Imports, Inc.


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Re: [M134 Piper] Contrat signé entre Piper et Classic Army

Message par Angus le Jeu 02 Oct 2008, 12:00

non ce n'est pas bien, car maintenant j'ai la culotte mouillée, et ensuite il faut etre raisonnable...
mais ce serait drolement chouette comme sulfator III, la m134, surtout pour le supairball "predator".
contact !

qui plus est, à voir les photos du bestiaux sur ce lien

pour ce qui concerne la version originale "piper 134" c'est du lourd, (12kg!), du costaud, du gros, du velu, du bestial quoi !
dingue ! et drolement zoli! mais dingue... Very Happy
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